Red Lyte

Red Lyte

Client: Artist

Skills: Reggae and Rap artist, singer, and song writer

Born in Trinidad, Al Laroche was raised in Brooklyn, and is a longtime Miami resident. He powerfully engages, excites and delights audiences with his skillful use of metaphors and dynamic performances.

Red Lyte

Having incorporated influences ranging from R&B to Soca, this ‘musical mutant’ as he is often referred by his comrades, possesses a solid, signature sound consisting of polyphonic texture, in any vocal range he desires, together with dominant lyrics and powerful harmonies. Born in Sangre Grande, Trinidad, RedLyte knows all too well about countryside living as he would go “paranging” (a type of music associated with Christmas and usually sung in Spanish.

The word is derived from the Spanish word parranda, meaning ‘merry-making’ or ‘a group of serenaders’. It involves the use instruments, usually made by hands, consisting of the cuatro, shak-shaks, guitar, toc-toc, box bass and flute) with his family members throughout his village. “I couldn’t wait to grab a shak-shak and start paranging down d place.” Having acquired a rich West Indian culture, RedLyte was about to adopt a new culture as his family was about to migrate to the United States. RedLyte arrived in Brooklyn, New York at the age of seven in what he describes as “a big change” as he was now a resident in what was known as the “the hill” or Brownsville, a residential neighborhood located in eastern Brooklyn. The dancehall and sound-clash movement of the late 80s and early 90s set the backdrop for RedLyte’s environment as he reminisces on a typical weekend consisting of basement parties and various neighborhood sound systems “blasting stylez” on any given stoop.

It wasn’t before long that Lyte became a mic man for a local sound called Island Superior where he began crafting his style. RedLyte was invited to Circle House studios in Miami, home of the legendary Bad Boys of reggae, Inner Circle. Lyte began working of various projects alongside the best in the industry. He then signed to LCN Records in 2004, where he started to blend the hip hop and reggae sound. After touring the US including California, Florida and Georgia, RedLyte released an onslaught of street hits including “The Game”, “Afar” and “Senorita” gaining recognition for his diversity and distinctive style. In 2007, having gained much experience in the industry, RedLyte together with his childhood friend and artist, Boque, started their own record label and entertainment company, Big Mon Entertainment.

In 2008, RedLyte released his single “Higha,” a song which he says, “pretty much describes my life.” Armed with an arsenal of lyrics and the ability to ride any riddim, this talented musician is currently working with SoundBwoy Entertainment and Inner Circle. RedLyte is featured on Inner Circle’s new album, “State of the World” where he commands attention on tracks like, “Too much Gun Ting” featuring Luton Fyah and “Bed’s Too Big” featuring Pitbull. RedLyte is also released a street mix tape in 2008 titled “From the Top to the Bottom” which features tracks like “A Trini”, “Addicted” and “Watch Me When I Do it”. This CD also features Capital Gang’s rapper Graph and Miami’s upcoming Lunch Money aka “Mr. Get Grown”. There is no question as to the diversity of RedLyte’s music and the tremendous impact he has created on the industry.

Time To Ride Out – Red Lyte


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