Metro P

Metro P

Client: Artist

Skills: Musician, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B artist

TRW’s partnership with Metro P’s Swaggaville Entertainment label amassed impressive sales of 86,000 units.

Metro P

You may not realize it, but America is a country built on hustling. Christopher Columbus helped hustle Native Americans out of their land. Malcom X started off a young hustler before changing American history. Even Abe Lincoln is quoted as saying, 'Good things come to those who wait, but (those are) only the things left over by those who hustle.' One person who definitely hasn’t waited for the 'good things' to occur is West Coast rapper and entrepreneur METRO P. Since the late 90’s, METRO P has been involved in music projects that have sold over 300,000 units nationwide.

His own solo mixtapes and albums, released under his own company Swaggaville Entertainment, have amassed 86,000 units to date. So, what do you do after moving almost 90,000 units independently? Any real American hustler knows; you flip that weight. Taking the earnings from his music career, METRO P became a true entrepreneur and invested his money into California and Texas real estate. He couldn’t have chosen a more perfect time; the real estate boom more than quadrupled his investments and placed METRO P at the helm of his own destiny, a destiny that would soon take him back to his musical roots. In 2007 with the real estate boom starting to recede, METRO P felt it was time to switch hustles and attack his music career again with full force. He began working on his upcoming album 'Prophet or Playboy Vol.I: The Rebirth' and enlisted features from such notable artists such as Bobby Valentino, Young Buck, E-40, and Jimmie Reign with production by Sha Money XL, Tha Bizness, and Key Kat among others.

The lead single 'Lavish' featuring Blu Kolla Dreams crooner Bobby Valentino has received rave reviews from numerous DJ’s and websites like The single gained much notoriety with the Dr. Teeth (Fat Joe, TI) directed video which generated over 400,000 views on and was featured on popular urban blog The success of 'Lavish' caught the attention of Def Jam Records’ Executive Vice President , the late Shakir Stewart.. Recognizing the songs potential, Shakir introduced METRO P to Def Jam’s Vice President of A&R Lenny Santiago. The three were to begin formulating a roll out plan for METRO’s debut album two weeks prior to Stewart’s untimely death. After taking sometime off to mourn his dearly departed mentor, METRO is back and ready to unleash what is set to be one of the best projects to originate on the West Coast in years. The personal album deals with the eternal contradiction of 'The Soul and The Flesh'.

When asked why he entitled his album 'Prophet or Playboy' METRO responds 'Prophet or Playboy is the definition of my life. I'm in touch with my soul and have a strong relationship with God, but I love fleshly things as well. My rhymes are sometimes deep though like a Prophet, but at the same time I am flashy, something like a playboy. This explains the true nature of my complete self.” Not just your average, run-of-the-mill independent rapper, METRO is a real hustler. From music to real estate to clothing (he co-owns Ashai Clothing) METRO is set to follow in the footsteps of moguls such as Jay Z, P Diddy and Russell Simmons. These days everyone wants to be a star. What separates METRO from the masses is the means, ends, business sense, and hustle to do it right. 'Swaggaville Entertainment is still here ‘cause we supposed to be here,' METRO states. 'We here cause we sacrificed to get here. We here cause we worked to get here. We going to stay here until its time for me to find my next hustle, ya dig...'